Re-engage Inactive Customers: Text Templates to Reconnect and Boost Sales

James Monroe, Business Management Expert and Author

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Your business is your baby. Some days, it’s all you think about. But it’s different for your customers. They’re busy, so even if they love your product or service, they may not remember to come back as often as you’d like.

Increase Sales to Existing Customers

It’s typically easier and more cost-effective to re-engage an inactive customer than to find a new one. Here are some reasons:

1. Increased Revenue:

Re-engaging even a small number of customers can significantly impact the bottom line.

2. Cost Efficiency:

Your existing customers are already familiar with your business and its offerings, so they require less marketing to convince them to buy. So focusing part of your marketing on inactive customers can be a cost-effective way to grow your business.

3. Customer Loyalty:

Connecting with inactive customers can create stronger relationships. And by connecting with these customers, you can build trust and loyalty.

Reconnecting with Inactive Customers

How can you reconnect with inactive customers? That’s where re-engagement text templates come in. They can:

  • Remind your customers they’ve used your products or services before.
  • Let them know you care about them.
  • Lure them back with a discount or special promotion.
  • Showcase your brand personality and remind customers why your business is special.

Text templates are a proven and efficient way of communicating with customers. They’re easy to use and help ensure your communications are consistent and true to your brand.

5 Customer Re-engagement Text Templates

Here are five examples of re-engagement templates you can customize to bring customers back:

  1. You know, {{Name}}, you’re one of our favorite customers (and we don’t say that to just anybody)! To show how much we appreciate you, we’re offering you a {{discount amount}} discount on your next {{product or service description}}. Simply {{book, buy, reserve}} in the next {{number of days or weeks}}, and we’ll automatically apply our “Favorite Customer” discount.

    (Logo, company name, website, business hours)

  1. We miss you, {{Name}}! And we’d like to welcome you back with a {{ amount}} discount. Simply {{reserve, sign up, order}} in {{number of days or weeks}}, and we’ll automatically apply your discount.

    (logo, company name, website)

  1. Hi {{Name}}. We hope you are doing well. We haven’t seen you in a while. If there’s any way we can help you, please let me know.

    (logo, company name, website)

  1. {{name}}, if you liked our {{product or service}}, you’re going to love our {{new or complementary product or service}}. And we’re now offering special pricing if you order by {{date}}.

    We hope to hear from you soon.

    (logo, company name, website)

  1. Hi {{Name}}. We are excited to announce {{new service or product}}. To celebrate, we’re offering a {{discount amount}} discount. Click here to {{make an appointment, learn more or place an order}}.

    Hurry, this offer ends on {{date}}.

    (logo, company name, website)

The Index by Pinger app can help you create and send texts based on templates like these. For more texting tips, check out Texting for Your Small Business: Four Tips to Do It Like a Pro and “12 Text Templates Every Small Business Needs.”

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