Feature Guide: Broadcast

Contact groups of customers with a single text message.

Send a message to multiple customers at once—they’ll only see and reply to you.

How does Broadcast work?

Broadcast lets you deliver custom text messages to groups of customers with a tap. Unlike group texting—where each message is delivered to every member of the group—the Broadcast tool from Index delivers separate messages to your intended recipients. They won’t know that anybody else received your message and their replies will be sent to you in a normal 1:1 text thread. To get started:

    Go to Index > Settings

    Select Broadcast

    Tap Create New

    Select Your Recipients

    Name Your Recipient Group

    Add Your Message + Logo

    Once you’ve got your Broadcast message set up, just hit send and let Index work its magic. It’s great for company announcements, hours updates, employee communication, and much more. For additional information about business texting, please be sure to review our Broadcast Compliance FAQ.

    How does Broadcast help?

    Broadcast is an invaluable tool for sharing important update and business information with your customers via text—with just a tap. And texting is the communication channel your customers prefer. In fact, 9 out of 10 consumers say they want businesses to communicate with them via text message, and 89% of consumers say they prefer texting with businesses over any other mode of communication.

    Plus, 63% of consumers say they would switch to a company that offered text messaging as a communication channel. So, if you want to reach more new customers, and improve your relationship with existing customers, start texting them.

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