Business Texting Library: Auto-Reply

Turn missed calls into business opportunities.

Local small businesses need thoughtful marketing strategies to earn new customers. Learn how you can boost your business by increasing connections with customers in your area using local marketing strategies.

Use the text examples below to turn missed calls into opportunities to engage your customers. Just copy and paste the messages below, then replace the bracketed text with your own details.

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Convert Calls to Texts

You’ve reached [YOUR NAME] at [YOUR BUSINESS NAME]. I can’t get to the phone at the moment but I’ll text you back as soon as I’m available.
Sorry I missed your call. Can I help you over text instead? You can ask about services, appointments, pricing, or anything else.
[YOUR BUSINESS NAME] uses texting to provide quick answers and quality customer service. Feel free to text back and let us know how we can help!
Thanks for reaching out! I’m with a customer so I can’t talk at the moment. Would it be ok if we text instead?
Hey [NAME]. I’m on a job and saw that I missed your call. Can I help you through text? Or should I give you a call back later?

Share Your Hours

Thanks for reaching out. We’re currently closed but we’ll be available again tomorrow at [HOURS].
Thanks for reaching out. I’m currently out of the office and away from my phone. I will be back on [RETURN DATE].
Thanks for contacting me. I’ll be on vacation from [START DATE] until [RETURN DATE]. For urgent matters, contact [CONTACT NAME + PHONE NUMBER].
Thanks for the call. Your business is important to me and I’ll respond as soon as I’m back at work.
I’m sorry, but [YOUR NAME] is currently away from the office. However, they will return on [RETURN DATE + TIME]. Please direct all inquiries to [CONTACT’S NAME] in the meantime. Thank you!

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